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Elevate Your Legs – Your Veins Will Thank You

Veins are important vessels that bring blood back to the heart. But adding undo pressure to them may affect their ability to perform properly. From lying down improperly to sitting too long to standing too much to wearing tight-fitting clothes, you may be stressing out your veins.

At The Vein Institute of NJ, our vein doctors have seen many patients who come to us with leg issues that could be solved through simple elevation. Elevating your legs can provide immediate relief by taking pressure off your leg veins by encouraging the blood to flow out of your legs and continue on through the rest of your body.

How To Get The Best Vein Relief

A horizontal position is the key for the start of relief. Whether you’re sleeping or lying on the couch for a night of TV or movie-viewing, grab some pillows and arrange them comfortably under your legs. The goal is to get your legs elevated 6 to 12 inches above your heart.

Another great relief technique is massage. If you have a willing partner, a brief leg massage while your legs are elevated is a wonderful way to get rid of the day’s stress, giving your legs some much-needed TLC.

Happy business woman sitting on a chair - isolated over white background.jpegElevation can and should also be done after sitting for extended periods of time, such as at your work desk, in front of a computer, or in a car during a long ride. If you have to be sitting and can’t stand up and walk around, then at least try to make your position as ergonomically-smart as possible.

As you focus more and more on leg elevation, you’ll begin to experience the positive benefits of relaxation and pressure relief, while also proactively managing your varicose veins.

To learn more about proper leg health, schedule an appointment with our vein doctors today.

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