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Can Creams and Lotions be used for Vein Treatments?

We are often asked by our patients about advertisements for varicose vein creams or lotions for spider veins that promise to remove these unsightly vein conditions. The patients want to know if these vein treatments are effective. While we would love to see a lotion that eradicates spider veins, varicose veins, or any other condition that results in unsightly veins, we have yet to see a topical product that legitimately even reduces, let alone removes, problem veins!

Most of these products tout the “natural healing power” of a variety of substances, with very little (if any) supporting scientific evidence of their success. More discouraging is the lack of an explanation of how the product works to “make veins disappear.”

To be sure, over the years we have kept an open mind to the possibility that a topical product can make abnormally dilated veins shrink, or somehow repair the leaky valves in the veins that allow blood to flow backward and pool. After all, not everything that occurs can be readily explained by current knowledge. We recognize the limitations of our understanding and would readily accept the use of a product for treatment of veins that effectively eradicated these problems -- as long as we saw that the product worked and was safe. We’re still waiting for the first of those miracle natural remedies for spider veins or tonic for varicose veins that will actually live up to its promises.

That’s not to say creams and lotions can’t provide some help for vein conditions. A number of cosmetic products are designed to cover and conceal, rather than remove unsightly veins, and many of these products can be quite effective. The best of these cover-up products come in a range of natural skin tones, and when applied, make veins less visible to the naked eye. Although cover-ups aren't a permanent treatment for leg veins, they can provide temporary relief.

The good news is, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, today’s state-of-the-art vein therapies make permanent removal of problem spider veins and varicose veins quick, safe, and painless. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us.

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Here are some vein creams and lotions that we have been asked about:

Venarin Crème and VenarinMax Crème                        

Invisible Veins™

Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Spider Vein formulas                   

Vita-K Solution® for Spider Veins

Natural Care Ultra VeinGard                                               

Vein Away

Vein Away Plus                                                                          

Palmer’s Skin Success® Spider Vein Cream

Clear Vein Cream®                                                                 

StriMedix-K Spider

Heliabrine Refreshing Leg Gel Varicose Vein Cream   Varicream

Triderma Vein Defence Healing Cream                   


Heliabrine Refreshing Leg Gel Varicose Vein Cream

VariClear for Varicose and Spider Veins Cream        


Verso Varicose Vein Eraser                                                  

Royal Dead Sea Vein Cream

Premium Vitamin K Serum for Varicose/Spider Vein 

Joan Rivers Beauty Cream for Varicose Veins

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