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Benefits of Compression Therapy

Vein-related problems are becoming one of the more common chronic conditions in the United States. And with that, there are many options on how to treat these issues. One non-invasive measure that may be an option for you is using compression therapy.

9 Tips to Maintain Healthy Veins

With September being Healthy Aging Month, we wanted to share with you some basic tips that not only can help your veins maintain maximum health, but will also positively affect your overall health.

Planning Your Next Trip? Don’t Forget to Pack Some Socks

While summer is a popular time to travel, this doesn’t mean travel time ends when summer is over. For many of us, business travel may pick up and for others we may take advantage of off-peak travel costs available over the coming months. Either way, as you plan your itinerary, think about making a pair of[…]


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