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What is Microphlebectomy

For those of us suffering from unsightly large, bulging veins that can cause pain and fatigue, there is a solution out there. The Vein Institute of New Jersey offers easily accessible and virtually painless treatment that can actually help improve your circulation and self-image.


This is the medical term for the removal of large or medium-sized protruding varicose veins. It’s done through a tiny incision in the leg. The incisions are less than 1/4 inch in length--just enough to get the vein out with a cosmetically acceptable result. The incisions are so small that they often don't require stitches to close them. A small piece of adhesive tape usually suffices to close the incision, which is known as a butterfly stitch.

What Is The Vein Treatment Procedure Like?

Microphlebectomy is an outpatient procedure, which can be performed safely and comfortably in the office setting. The procedure is done by one of our Board-Certified vein surgeons and involves the very careful removal of the vein from the leg, thereby eliminating the unsightly and often painful issue you may be experiencing.

Microphlebectomy takes less than one hour to perform. There is no pre-operative laboratory testing or clearance appointment required. Patients may undergo an ultrasound examination to insure that the veins deeper in the legs are functioning well and that they are not the cause of the varicose veins. There are few restrictions after the procedure.

Even though a large vein will be removed, there is no negative effect on the blood flow or circulation in the leg. The blood that has been carried by that vein is simply re-routed to another vein deeper in the leg. Circulation and blood flow continue as before, but better and more efficiently. The primary difference is that the unsightly bulge in the leg is gone and any previous pain and fatigue you were feeling will be relieved!

And the cosmetic results from the varicose vein removal are excellent as the bulges disappear and a smoother, aesthetically appealing leg begins to emerge. Within a short time, the minor bruising will disappear and you will be left with impressive results.

And while the veins are permanently removed rest assured this is a safe and common operation. The human body has over 54,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries. One can treat as many veins in the leg as can be seen, within reason, and you will not run out!

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