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Some Things You Should Know About Breast Veins

Taking great care of your breasts through regular self-exams and mammogram appointments certainly goes a long way towards breast health. But at the Vein Institute of NJ, we have many patients who come here with cosmetic concerns and want to know what if anything they can do.

Blue veins are a common occurrence and can appear on your breasts for many reasons.

Youth and Genetics: These veins can appear when you’re young, especially if you have a genetic pre-disposition to “veiny” skin.

Pregnancy: They can develop during and after pregnancy when breasts begin to prepare for nursing.

Surgery and Cancer: They may also appear after breast implant or reconstructive surgery. Cancer survivors who’ve made it through their surgery and radiation might not want to see blue-veined reminders of their ordeal.

Age: The simple fact of ageing can deposit blue veins in your breasts, along with a smattering of broken capillaries and spider veins.

Any of these cosmetic changes to your breasts can be upsetting. But, there’s also the very real annoyance of those veins showing at the top of your breasts when you wish to wear certain clothing or bathing suits. These issues may affect your sensuality and self-confidence.

But no need to worry, our vein doctors can help you feel confident, healthy and even sexy again. There are various methods of safe and effective treatment we perform at our vein centers which are targeted to the breast area and conducted with the utmost care--always keeping your health and the presence of implants in mind.

Make an appointment today with one of our skilled vascular doctors to assess your breast veins. We will take a detailed medical history and advise you on the best treatment for your breasts’ best look and help restore your breasts to a condition that you’ll love.

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