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What is Sclerotherarpy?

When it comes to varicose vein treatment, one of the most common procedures performed by our vein doctors is sclerotherapy. It is prescribed most often for both spider veins and smaller varicose veins that are not causing any additional health issues. It may be also be an alternative treatment for larger varicose veins. Best of all, it is a minimally invasive procedure which can be completed without the need for anesthesia and performed in one of our many vein offices in New Jersey.

In addition, sclerotherapy is a popular choice for spider vein and varicose vein issues since it costs less than surgery, requires no stressful or time-consuming hospital stay, has easy and unobtrusive post-treatment care, and an immediate return to work and daily activities in most cases.

What Does Varicose Vein Treatment Entail?

At The Vein Institute of New Jersey, we always begin with a consultation to determine if this procedure is correct for your needs. You should be aware that your consult fee will be waived if you decide to go ahead with treatment. During the consult, one of our vein doctors will assess your particular affected veins, and their locations, to decide if sclerotherapy is the best solution.

Sclerotherapy treatment is quick and pain-free. It begins where the affected leg is elevated to drain blood away from the treatment site. Your doctor will then use a needle to inject a liquid chemical called a sclerosant into the affected vein. Your vein doctor might find that micro-sclerotherapy – using only a very small amount of the liquid chemical – is all that’s needed for your fine vein issues. This chemical works as an irritant to the vein, causing the vein to swell, stick together and seal shut. With the flow of blood to that vein harmlessly stopped, the vein turns into internal scar tissue and fade away. Depending on the amount of veins that need to be treated, this procedure could take anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes.

After you receive your sclerotherapy injection, pressure is applied over the affected vein areas to prevent blood return when you stand up after treatment. You might be advised to wear varicose vein compression stockings or a bandage wrap for several days or weeks after your procedure to allow the injected medication to do its work.

Under your doctor’s care and observation of your veins’ healing, you may need additional sclerotherapy treatments, for optimal results. This is all done without surgery, and under the professional treatment of one of our top vein professionals.

As with most of our procedures, we always advise you to take it easy after treatments and for a few days afterward, with instructions to perhaps avoid strenuous activity or exercise. Since these are your veins in question, always adhere strictly to your doctor’s post treatment instructions for your optimal safety and comfort.

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