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Sclerotherapy Treatments for Problem Veins

Here at the Vein Institute of New Jersey, we have experience with all of the latest sclerotherapy treatments. We have applied them with outstanding results on our patients throughout the New Jersey region. 

Sclerotherapy is prescribed most often for spider veins and smaller varicose veins that, generally, do not cause any additional health issues. It may be also be an alternative treatment for larger varicose veins. It is a minimally invasive procedure which can be completed without the need for anesthesia and performed in one of our many vein treatment centers in New Jersey.

In addition, sclerotherapy is a popular choice for spider vein and varicose vein issues since it costs less than surgery, requires no stressful or time-consuming hospital stay, has easy and unobtrusive post-treatment care, and an immediate return to work and daily activities in most cases.

There are many different types of sclerotherapy treatments available for varicose and spider veins removal. Injection sclerotherapy is by far the most popular way to treat spider veins, reticular veins, and even some varicose veins.  There are several basic forms of sclerotherapy, which can be used alone or together, thereby allowing the physician to tailor each treatment to your individual needs.  The primary methods of treatment are:  ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, liquid sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy and micro-sclerotherapy.  The following are basic facts about each modality that will provide further background for your understanding of what vein treatment may be best for you.

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy uses ultrasound technology to locate and follow the veins that are not visible to the human eye.  This enables the physician to “see” hidden veins and deeper veins, thus reducing the need for more invasive surgical procedures.  This ultrasound technology also improves the physician’s ability to remove varicose veins.  Ultimately, ultrasound sclerotherapy allows the physician to treat a wide network of spider veins and varicose veins in a reliable and safe manner.

Liquid sclerotherapy uses a liquid solution, which is a chemical that causes scarring in the vein and results in the vein withering and dissolving. Theses effective liquid agents are sodium tetradecyl sulfate, saline and polidocanol.

Foam sclerotherapy uses a solution that is in a foam state with the chemical suspended in tiny bubbles of air before it is injected.  In a foam state, the surface area is increased, allowing for more contact with the veins thereby providing a more effective treatment of a larger area of skin.

Micro-sclerotherapy is the most common treatment modality for spider veins.  The needle used in micro-sclerotherapy is very small and thin allowing for the treatment of veins, which are often too tiny for other types of treatment.

Other advanced treatment options for problem veins are also available, including laser therapy.  If you have unsightly veins that you’d like to eliminate, let’s start the conversation with one of our board certified vascular doctors located at each of our premier vein treatment centers across New Jersey.

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